Air France – KLM - Martinair Cargo seamlessly migrates to CHAMP’s Cargospot

Martinair, operating carrier within the group Air France – KLM – Martinair Cargo, intensifies its cooperation with CHAMP Cargosystems to increase operational and commercial agility. The leading provider of integrated, business-critical IT solutions for all players in the air cargo industry has successfully rolled out the versatile Cargospot community software to support Air France – KLM - Martinair Cargo world-wide business processes. The complete core full freighter business now runs on the Cargospot new generation platform.

Luxembourg, March 2013 ― CHAMP Cargosystems has announced today that Martinair, operating carrier of the Air France – KLM - Martinair Cargo Group, is now successfully using CHAMP’s Cargospot fully integrated air cargo application suite for all core business processes. This includes sales, handling operations and revenue accounting on a network-wide basis. The rollout covered some 900 users in numerous countries and several time zones all around the globe.
With the migration to CHAMP’s Cargospot system Martinair said good-bye to its legacy system and opted for a community Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to further automate the cargo business. Fully integrated, yet very flexible Cargospot applications enable Martinair to meet various needs of its global customers. Furthermore, the carrier is able to respond faster to changes in both customer demand and consequential business process change. Cargospot also gives Martinair optimal operational and commercial agility.
“The project was a very complex one as it demanded the customization of over 25 Martinair business specific product enhancements. Air France – KLM – Martinair Cargo works with several different GSA, GHA and own stations in its global network. All of these had to be fully integrated. In addition, the solutions had to be interconnected with various other Martinair Cargo as well as AF-KL IT systems. The successful implementation fully underlines the versatility of the software”, explains James Fernandez, Vice President Global Commercial Operations, CHAMP Cargosystems.
The migration from the legacy system to Cargospot was transitioned smoothly without bigger disturbances to global air cargo operations demonstrating CHAMP’s experience in project management and the strength of its implementation team.
“Very hard work and close collaboration have been put in by the CHAMP and Martinair teams to achieve the successful Cargospot cutover. My sincere thanks to all involved. Air France – KLM - Martinair Cargo has reached a new milestone. The new software tools will help to make us even more successful”, says Mr. Rob Veltman, Vice President Full Freighter Management, Air France – KLM - Martinair Cargo.
“Martinair has been a CHAMP customer since 2002 and has actively contributed to our user community. The carrier also uses our messaging services and products of our eCargo Suite and will now, of course, benefit from any updates to the Cargospot systems. Our relationship with Air France – KLM - Martinair Cargo is a good example of the long-term partnership we have with our customers.” adds James Fernandez.