Traxon cargoWEB+

A complete self-service environment

A well-proven tool to "e-enable" your small and medium sized forwarders

Traxon cargoWEB is a complete, self-service environment for airline customers where they can look up flight schedules and create and transmit booking requests and eAWBs. 

  • A fully integrated, global solution
  • Let's airlines empower freight customers to make their own cargo bookings online
  • Connecting non-automated parties fast and easy
  • Flexible and scalable according to airline requirements
  • Manage bookings and view history
  • Create and transmit eAWBs directly to airline system
  • Customs compliant and with full e-freight participation
  • Allows you to share business-critical processes safely and securely
  • Leading edge technology through shared investment
  • No special equipment or software needed
  • History overview for bookings and ABWs, report functionalities, AWB Stock Control, Barcode label printing etc. are just some of the additional functions of this tool
    Traxon cargoWEB+ is designed to offer an added level of convenience.

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At a glance

  • Integrated: linked to eCHAMP and Cargospot.
  • Adaptable - can be linked to different airline systems.
  • Self-service – designed to be a customer self-service application.
  • You’re in control – you control usage by your customers.
  • Convenient - ‘Framed’ tracking and customs developed pages can be displayed in a frame on the carrier’s cargo website.
  • Comprehensive - track and trace with shipment history.


Further benefits of Traxon cargoWEB+

  • Lets freight customers make cargo bookings – including new, update and cancel functions.
  • Better accuracy - error highlighting function and autfofill for forms.
  • Always on - 24/7 availability.
  • Accessible to all - shipment tracking, airline schedules and space availability and airwaybill data entry available to all users.
  • More control - you decide which functions (e.g. schedule, availability, tracking) can be offered
  • Easy to register - simple process.
  • Multiple user roles available – airline admin, participant admin, participant agent etc.
  • Customized - uses style sheets and custom graphics to match your corporate website
  • Integrated with your business needs - configure the system how you like it, see usage reports.
  • Secure – isolated from core system.

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