Accelerating collaboration across the air cargo supply chain

In the on-demand world, efficient collaboration helps prevent unnecessary duplication. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) empower digital collaboration by allowing businesses to process data seamlessly and in real-time. CHAMP APIs enable the enhancement, further customization, and acceleration of value through already existing products and services. Many shippers already use CHAMP APIs to keep updated on the status of their shipments across more than 80 carriers. Those APIs and new ones are being made available through CHAMP’s powerful new API gateway.

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At a glance

  • Create efficiencies
  • Source the data and services you require and integrate them into your already existing processes
  • Accelerate collaboration
  • Pick & mix from a diverse set of features to ensure all parts of your operations – and your customers - are speaking to one another
  • Services across channels
  • Provide services across multiple delivery channels by sourcing data across your business
  • Seamless data exchanges
  • Share data securely on-demand with every stakeholder


CHAMP’s API gateway service offers a developer portal designed for self-service needs. It allows users to view the list of available APIs and register to try them out. If the user then wants live access, a request process obtains the consent of the data owner and a commercial agreement. See more of the developer portal and trial for yourself. The APIs available in the developer portal enable endless possibilities, including but not limited to the following features:

Airlines, forwarders and shippers:

  • Determine a list of available flights and the applicable price for a specific origin-destination
  • Track and trace information for an air waybill


  • Record the weight of a ULD directly from a weighing scale

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