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We live in an age of data-driven information. Your customers require the latest technologies to facilitate their business. Therefore, you need solutions that also offer the flexibility to grow alongside your business operations. 

Access to the latest APIs give you a boost to your systems to customize your workflows to support whatever you need to advance.


5 things to look out for when choosing your cargo management software 

Many airlines and ground handling agents file ACI for customs authorities manually. Especially when only operating a fairly small set of routes.  However, often our clients find that the manual approach is limited in scalability and not efficient enough for a growth and expansion strategy. 

Find software that is collaborative 

As market expectations change, service providers need to adapt to meet customer requirements. The team at TAP Cargo knew that expanding its services to meet the digital demands of today’s freight forwarders was absolutely necessary for its continued success. As a long-time CHAMP customer, the airline sought CHAMP’s expertise to find a solution for an expanded set of features required for offering its freight forwarding customers the most cutting-edge services possible.

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How can Cargospot Airline help

Supporting your customers is your #1 priority and keeping your operations smooth, while managing your shipment flows requires flexibility. Cargospot Airline can be adjusted to meet your unique needs and grow as you do

WEBINAR Connecting air cargo with Cargospot APIs

CHAMP specialists, along with Titus Hientzsch, Group CTO, of World Freight Company and Magali Beauregard Chief Commercial Officer at CargoAi, discuss how to connect air cargo with CHAMP APIs by digitizing & innovating at your pace, picking and choosing from a diverse set, leveraging the CHAMP community network effect.

Leverage the power of APIs
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How to enrich your business with APIs

We are sure you’ve already heard of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), but do you truly understand how they can benefit the air cargo industry and, therefore, your business?