ULD PARTNER launches operations with CHAMP’s ULD Manager

Luxembourg, 14th March 2017 – CHAMP Cargosystems is pleased to announce that Hong Kong based ULD PARTNER initiated its ULD Fleet Management Service with launch customer, Air China Cargo, using CHAMP’s ULD Manager application to support its operations.

ULD PARTNER’s service includes the supply, repair, maintenance and total management of the combined Air China Cargo and Air China inventory of over 13,000 ULDs, operating across a network of over 80 airports around the world.  CHAMP’s ULD Manager will enable ULD PARTNER to effectively and seamlessly manage the Air China ULD fleet, by providing full visibility of all equipment movements, airport inventories and equipment stock levels.  ULD Manager will alert ULD PARTNER’s support teams when potential situations, such as excess or low station stock or incompatible movements, arise, and generally assist in the overall control of their managed assets.

ULD Manager is an advanced web-based application used directly by several airlines to manage and control their ULD equipment. The solution offers carriers instant information on ULD locations and status, and effectively ensures that ULD equipment is in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition. ULD Manager also serves to reduce an airline’s costs by avoiding loss and replacement of high value equipment, and ensuring the timely return of interline ULDs.

“CHAMP’s partnership with ULD PARTNER is unique in the 10 year history of ULD Manager,” said Nicholas Xenocostas, VP Sales & Marketing at CHAMP. “All of our ULD Manager customers to date have been airlines, therefore working with ULD PARTNER and them having the relationship with the carrier is quite a departure from the norm. We are, of course, delighted to become a part of the ULD outsource business through ULD PARTNER, and very much look forward to supporting them as they expand their service to other markets.”

Angel Cheung, ULD PARTNER’s General Manager said, “CHAMP’s ULD Manager was identified as one of our preferred IT solutions our ULD Fleet Management Service. We needed a system that could provide full control and visibility of all ULDs operating within and beyond our client airline’s networks, whilst meeting industry “best practice” standards. Furthermore the system had to be functionally rich, easy to use, and, moreover, fully scalable to meet the operational needs of our customer airlines, irrespective of their size. Throughout our implementation, we have maintained close contact with CHAMP to ensure that ULD Manager could be ready to support the start of our services. ” For more information, please visit www.champ.aero.

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