Scan and automate the processing of Air Waybills

Leveraging machine learning to automate time-consuming document processing

CHAMP A2Z Scan is a smart application designed for airlines and ground handling agents (GHAs) to bypass the time-consuming tasks of manual Air Waybill (AWB) data entry or comparison with corresponding AWB data in your cargo management system.

The tool reduces the average human error rate of 3% and can achieve huge time savings of up to 85% which in turn helps prevent delays to any air cargo shipments, improves the overall process and generates cost savings to the customer.  

CHAMP A2Z Scan leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies which enable the accurate extraction of data from paper Air Waybills as well as allowing the system to learn from this data. As it grows, CHAMP A2Z Scan will be able to adopt and input corrections made by back-office agents to the documents, further reducing manhours spent amending errors.

Thanks to CHAMP’s open cargo platform and leading Application Programming Interface (API) program, CHAMP A2Z Scan automatically looks up any corresponding AWB data in your cargo management system and automates the comparison between the two – highlighting any discrepancies for manual adjustments. 

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At a glance

  • Efficient automation of time-consuming data capture, taking 10-15 minute tasks to 2-3 minutes
  • Reduces manhours spent training staff in data-heavy tasks
  • Removes/reduces human error by processing complex AWBs with constantly evolving machine learning
  • The automation allows the system to accurately track how many manual corrections are done and avoid revenue leakage
  • Designed with ground handling agents and carriers in mind, CHAMP A2Z Scan targets unnecessary inefficiencies in the air cargo industry with an innovative solution
  • Quick implementation thanks to APIs


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Further benefits of CHAMP A2Z Scan

  • Integrates with Cargospot
  • Integrates with 3rd party cargo management systems
  • Scalable solution – Volume discounts available.
  • User-intuitive interface

    CHAMP A2Z Scan is the beginning of the future of CHAMP’s roadmap to automate 100% of the documents handled by the air cargo industry. 

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