CHAMP MarketAnalytics

Air cargo market data updated daily and with new detail

Faster and more detailed insights

CHAMP processes over half of the world’s air waybills for airlines, forwarders, and handlers through our messaging, enterprise systems, and customs interfaces. We use this data plus client updates to provide insightful dashboards for clients on their business with aggregate market data for comparison. We call this service MarketAnalytics.

Above, you can see the evolution of weight and yield across the air cargo market, and refine it by geography, weight band, and handling type. The service dashboards provide much more detail and insight while being intuitive for operations and network planning managers.

The service sees details of almost 250,000 international shipments per week from 100 air cargo organizations, so has critical mass. By processing those daily, it matches the speed of market data with the speed of air cargo.

Whether you are an air cargo service provider or serve the air cargo market, we can give you new insights fast. And from a trusted industry-owned provider.

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At a glance

Frequency - daily updates rather than the monthly updates of traditional services

Depth – Much more information including types of goods, handling codes, and more

Usability - Modern & powerful BI tool that users can customize to their interests

Value - Lower cost than traditional services

Further benefits of MarketAnalytics

Individual users can customize the service to focus on their interests

The service is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dashboards work by:

  • selecting when, who, where, and what you want to see.
  • Selecting which metrics to show; and
  • Setting options for the view.

Dynamic smart filters allow you to slice and dice the data at will. The hierarchical dimensions such as time, geography, handling and goods, allow analyses at various levels of aggregation. Dashboards show your performance compared to the market across routes, time, clients, and more.

Customizable alerts to market changes

The alert feature allows you to pinpoint changes fast .

Comprehensive functionality

Freight forwarder, shipper, consignee names and those of goods are normalized so you will no longer face issues with multiple versions.

Broad and deep insights

The service is delivered through 22 dashboards, 27 dimensions and 196 metrics.

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