CHAMP A2Z Scan is a smart application that eliminates the need for manual AWB data entry or comparison, saving up to 85% of time and reducing human error by 3%. This improves the overall process, prevents delays, and generates cost savings for the customer.

Traxon CDMP

Traxon CDMP (Cargo iQ Data Management Portal) is an intelligent and intuitive web-based tool that helps you measure performance and drive process improvements to support Cargo iQ certification.

Traxon Quality

Traxon Quality is a web-based platform to measure the full network of a carrier, for shipment flows and performance. It allows the user airline to create a transport plan for shipments, and tracking the progress against events and alerting exceptions for actions and improvements.

CHAMP MarketAnalytics

Market insights through dashboards and alerts that show your performance and opportunities


CHAMP Academy

An innovative catalog of courses delivered through a state-of-the-art e-learning platform that helps maximize the benefits of CHAMP solutions.

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