Cargospot GSA

Suitable for agencies of all sizes

A powerful tool that matches those used by carriers

Cargospot GSA is the most widely used sophisticated and comprehensive cargo management system. It supports multiple carriers’ accounting, rating and reporting requirements within a single platform, thereby eliminating the need for carrier specific terminals.

  • Flexible schedule & capacity management.
  • Comprehensive reservations and bookings.
  • Powerful rating and pricing tools.
  • Proactive customer service management.
  • Community integration and compliance.

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At a glance

  • Easy - simple to learn and use.
  • Flexible - can be optimized to suit your operational and commercial needs.
  • Agile - speeds up your ability to react to operational, market or procedural change.
  • Productive - ensures your invoicing is faster and more accurate.
  • Comprehensive - removes the need for separate airline terminals.
  • Cost effective - reduces support and maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for agencies of all sizes - available as a hosted or licensed option.


Cargospot GSA

Further benefits of Cargospot GSA

Flexible schedule & capacity management

  • Improves accuracy and productivity - with easy capture of client schedules and automated schedule change via industry standard messaging updates.**
  • Optimizes capacity - through advanced allotment management.

Comprehensive reservations and bookings

  • Speed up your booking data - minimum number of keystrokes and mouse clicks.
  • Streamline the sales process - with automatic processing of booking messages.
  • More quality control - see complete shipments and message history.
  • Key data at a glance - dynamic record of transactions against flight capacity provides an immediate view of booking performance, yield, total revenue and remaining availability.

Powerful rating and pricing tools

  • Comprehensive rate structures to suit all markets - broad range of pricing parameters.
  • See your net yield instantly - based on buying and gross selling rates.
  • Manage carrier specific buying and selling rates.
  • Easier maintenance of pricing policies - with secure ad hoc controls and complete audit trail.

Proactive customer service management

  • Automatic FBL (Freight Booked List) messaging - keeps the handling forwarder informed.
  • Simplified shipment status updates - shipment status updates from third parties are processed automatically.
  • Customers are kept informed - automatic e-mail customer notification at specified milestones.
  • Reduces workloads - with substantially automated post flight activities.

Advanced management reporting tools

  • Extensive reporting - with one-time capture of shipment and flight data.
  • Extensive, parameter-driven management reporting tools - in variable formats.
  • Improved ‘what if’ scenario planning - with advanced business intelligence and KPI management.

Community integration and compliance

  • Easier monitoring of stock usage - with sophisticated air waybill stock control facilities.
  • Comprehensive billing capabilities - including CASS, non-CASS and other invoicing requirements.
  • Easier invoicing - with Carrier Sales Reports generated at time of invoicing.
  • Speeds payment up - with payment verification and accelerated funds collection control.
  • Fully compatible with other systems - integrate Cargospot data into your financial or ERP system.

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