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Securing the flow of emergency supplies to the world - at such a critical time.

Globally connected air cargo IT systems

Annual electronic exchanges

300 million

Annual shipments


Airlines and GHAs




connected forwarders

Connected customs


Offices worldwide


Services to power your supply chain

We can help optimize your day-to-day operations – reducing costs, time and errors – whether you’re an Airline, GSA, GHA, Forwarder or Shipper.

CHAMP Spotlight

WEBINAR: Increasing operational efficiency with Cargospot Mobile | 30 November 2021 | 1500 CET

Join CHAMP's Isha Knight and Fred Werginz how to increase operational efficiency with Cargospot Mobile to discuss how to increase operational efficiency with Cargospot Mobile and improve paperless handling processes, digitize warehouse operational flow, and gain real-time status updates


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WEBINAR: Increasing operational efficiency with Cargospot Mobile | 30 November 2021 | 1500 CET

Insights from CHAMP industry experts

Contactless Tracking

With the advent of QR codes, we have access to technology that allows us to “hyperlink” items from our physical reality into a digital space.

CHAMP APIs bring carrier’s new door-to-door services to life, super fast

For CHAMP and partners who want to deliver innovation and new value, there is huge value in having one API that works across so many organizations.

Preighter Conversions

As COVID-19 struck, CHAMP’s Weight & Balance solution not only continued supporting the load planning of cargo aircraft in its customers’ fleets, but also kept a close eye on airlines reconfiguring their passenger cabins for cargo.

Air cargo digitalization in a time of pandemic

COVID-19 has been disruptive for my pub experience, but I see similar “low-touch” innovations in my professional life as well.

Paving the way forward

As incoming CEO, Chris McDermott sees an opportunity to renew CHAMP’s focus on innovation and ongoing commitment to improving digitalization across the entire air cargo industry.

Exploring Innovation

The Capstone Project that was launched provided an opportunity to five MBA students in the role of dedicated consultants to work in close collaboration with CHAMP.

Getting more insights

Methods of collecting and analyzing data must be constantly honed and evolved. That is why CHAMP seeks new and powerful technologies to keep up with this demand with its improved Cargospot DataAnalytics.

Air Cargo in 2030

How will shippers, freight forwarders, GHAs, airports and customs authorities evolve to further improve ultimate customer experience and satisfaction for the shippers and buyers come 2030?