Chris McDermott
"You will be working for a worldwide leading Company in a dynamic and challenging international environment servicing the Air Transport Industry. You will benefit from the company's continuous investment in staff and product technologies. Your career evolution will be driven by your performance and the company's expansion. Interested? Why don’t you join the great CHAMP team?"

Chris McDermott Chief Executive Officer


CHAMP Cargosystems is the leading provider of Cargo solutions to airlines and ground handlers worldwide. We have developed a fully integrated Java based suite of solutions that manage the end-to-end cargo flow of actors of the Air Transport Industry.

We provide our solutions primarily on a “Software as A Service” mode to the Air Transport Industry worldwide thanks to our unrivalled expertise.

Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage by providing innovative, cost-effective, quality information technology solutions and services.


Why work for CHAMP?

In a rapidly evolving market, CHAMP has been at the forefront of changing air freight logistics for the better. But, that’s not all. As an employer, CHAMP prides itself in giving the support and resources one would need to not only be successful in their role, but also in their career. Offering competitive salaries, benefits packages, and other incentives, CHAMP ensures that you are happy in your positive, in every way possible.
Happy employees translate to happy work environments. With over 500 employees from 32 countries, speaking over 30 languages – CHAMP is a uniquely diverse and welcoming place to work. Our globally minded staff works with clients and vendors from around the world in London, Zürich, Manila, Atlanta, Singapore, and our Headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Don't just take our word for it...

  • "CHAMP recognizes your potential and effort and will support you wherever they can to achieve your mutual goals. I have already learned so many interesting and informative fields in the past months, I am a full member of important projects and I got the chance to attend several workshops to strengthen and extend my knowledge. Altogether, I am proud to be a part of the CHAMP family."

    Cynthia Schallich Finance Department

  • "CHAMP’s multicultural environment makes working here feel like travelling around the world. You get to meet and interact with people across different cultures. I went through various roles in CHAMP since joining in 2008- from developer to team leader to business analyst now to Product Integration Manager. CHAMP consistently provides me with opportunities to learn and grow professionally."

    Mitos Dave Product Integration Manager

  • "In CHAMP, you get to work with good people and good management. Those two are directly proportional to productivity and efficiency. Care and personal growth happen naturally."

    Maria Carmina Flores Software Engineer

  • "I joined CHAMP right after graduation and quickly learned that being a student is different from being a professional. Through the CHAMPStart project, I was trained and guided on my career’s first steps even before I was deployed to the real thing. I started fully equipped for my first job and continue to learn. In CHAMP , we work as a family. My colleagues are very friendly and supportive, no one is left hanging through tough times. Being a CHAMPion is being able to help each other out in bringing the best of ourselves in our careers."

    Mervin Magpantay Software Engineer

  • "I started my career at CHAMP as a QA Engineer. With CHAMP continuously providing me with opportunities, I managed to advance to QA Team Lead. All this while CHAMP provides Work-Life Balance and the flexibility of work arrangement!"

    MAK Jianwen QA Team Leader

  • "The CHAMPStart program gave me the training I needed to kickstart my career. CHAMP continued providing me opportunities and platforms for learning to grow not only professionally but also personally. Working with people from different backgrounds allowed me to learn about different cultures and traditions. People here are approachable and helpful. They push you to do your best and get out of your comfort zone."

    Josell Francis Remaneses Software Engineer

  • "CHAMP enables me to excel as both an agile practitioner and as a leader by providing a culture that encourages growth within ourselves as well as the people around us. It is like being part of a family that looks after your professional and personal well-being."

    Jorella Cheska Estrada Scrum Master

  • "CHAMP exposed me to new technologies as a QA Engineer. Being surrounded by highly technical people is what motivates me to achieve my targets and reach my goals. I started at CHAMP just as the pandemic hit and I am grateful to be with a company that is stable and people-oriented. We are provided with different pieces of training and we are encouraged to reach our full potential."

    Jhoanna Marie Santos QA Engineer

  • "CHAMP broadened my thinking. There's always another approach in software development and here, we try to go for the best one. While the better approaches are usually more challenging, it is possible with a team that has different capabilities and always has each other’s backs."

    Thomas Loi Software Engineer

  • "Being a CHAMPion is being able to satisfy customers with the best solutions. This is my first job in Singapore and CHAMP has continued to provide me with opportunities, challenges, knowledge, and the best working environment for mothers like me."

    Aruni Rambukwella Senior Software Engineer


Please note that any personal data that you submit along with your application will be processed by CHAMP and may be processed by any of its global entities as necessary. These data will be treated in strict compliance with the applicable data protection legislation (i.e. the Law of 2 August 2002 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as amended, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, - the GDPR -, which entered into force on 25 May 2018, as well as any other subsequent regulation).

Further details on what is considered personal data, how it is processed by CHAMP as well as your rights in this regard can be found here. Any questions relating to this should be addressed to CHAMP’s Data Protection Officer:

Gertrud Huberty
2, rue Edmond Reuter
Zone d'Activités "Weiergewan"
L-5326 Contern

Phone: +352 2681 6205


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