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Swissport on the value of open communications

In an industry that very much operates 24/7, technology plays a vital role. Find out what Swissport values the most in its long-term partnership with CHAMP and what makes it so successful. 

Swissport have been leveraging Cargospot Handling & Cargospot Mobile to help deliver best in class cargo handling services to all their customers.


Jussi Lemola from Swissport International commenting on the powerful partnership with CHAMP


I am Jussi Lemola (VP Global Operations Cargo) and I work with the Swissport Cargo Services in our Global Operations.  I think one of the things that we want to solve with CHAMP is make the systems more self-intuitive

We have a lot of new people working in our industry and what we need to make sure is that they can use the systems most efficiently and accurately with a minimum amount of mistakes. 

My value is the partnership that Swissport has with CHAMP.  If I have a mistake and we've been working together since 2004 which means that it's a long partnership from that point of view we've been able to establish good communications with a lot of different individuals and experts throughout the organization in CHAMP so the partnership is a really really open communication and frequent contact with the CHAMP team is what makes the partnership so good.


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