We run our services so you can run your business

We offer our products and services on a hosted basis. This means we provide the servers, data centers and IT infrastructure for the service and run it for you. You enjoy the following service on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis:

  • Recovery of application services in the event of an interruption
    We know our customers want a continuous service, so we offer an ‘active recovery site’.

    • Two, mirrored, geographically separate data centers.
    • Interconnected by fiber optic cable.
    • Equipped with Veritas Cluster Services, running in parallel.
    • Operating with an average 99.9% availability.
  • Annual internal Disaster Recovery Testing – the results of these tests are analyzed by our specialists and any vulnerabilities are immediately addressed.
  • Proven technology from trusted brands - We ensure that all components of data center operations provide optimum levels of performance by basing our configurations on proven technology, provided by leading suppliers like Sun, Oracle, Symantec and VMware.
  • Anti-virus software protection - in conjunction with our firewall configurations, we protect all systems with proven anti-virus software which is automatically updated to ensure complete, ongoing, up-to-date protection.

Data Centre Network Architecture

Veritas Cluster Server is the industry-leading, cross-platform, high-availability clustering solution. Its application-centric approach to availability provides a high degree of flexibility in determining the most appropriate application and database failover behavior.

  • High levels of availability and disaster recovery
  • All applications and dependent components continually monitored
  • Where faults are detected, action is automatically taken
  • In the unlikely event of a system failure, Veritas restores the applications at the other data center, providing an efficient, cost-effective ‘hot standby’ system.

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