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Swissport valuing CHAMP's customer-centricity

Transforming warehouse operations in the air cargo industry and achieving paperless in the warehouse is a huge task. 

Find out how Swissport's partnership with CHAMP helped achieve their objectives and what makes the relationship stand out most for Priscila Marques - Manager Global Operations.  

Swissport have been leveraging Cargospot Handling for more than 15 years  and added Cargospot Mobile in 2021 to achieve paperless in the warehouse and help deliver best in class cargo handling services to all their customers in the most efficient ways.


Priscila Marques from Swissport International commenting on the powerful partnership with CHAMP


My name is Priscila I work for Swissport and among other things I am in
charge of the implementation of the mobile application.  We partnered with CHAMP a long time ago - more than 15 years I would say – but we started the mobiles in 2021. 

The objectives we wanted to achieve is paperless in the warehouse so we want to do everything using the mobiles.

I value most my relationship with CHAMP.  It’s the willingness of getting on the floor and seeing what / how we work and how we can use the system to apply on our environment.

Cargospot Mobile in action at Swissport


Video provided as courtesy of Swissport



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