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Alliance Ground International (AGI) on the importance of externalization and great communications

AGI has been pursuing a strong growth strategy and joined the Cargospot Community in 2017.  

Find out what AGI appreciates the most about their long-term partnership with CHAMP and how efficient, clear and regular communications is key to our joint success. 

David Juarez from Alliance Ground International on a solution driven partnership with CHAMP


My name is David Juarez and I work for Alliance Ground International.  I am the Innovative Program Manager for the company. 

We partnered with CHAMP about five years ago when we signed our first contract.  We partnered with them because we came from a system that was pretty much obsolete and then we figured you know CHAMP is the best option considering it’s also known throughout the industry as well. 

Our main objective is to have externalization you know that's something that I think is very important throughout the industry that we're in and so that was pretty much our main driver.

I got to say definitely our partnership our communication is great. I find it that you know we're able to talk what we need and they're able to provide us with a solution.


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