Cargo Management Applications

Our Cargo Management Suite, Cargospot, empowers you with complete end-to-end control over commercial, operation and revenue accounting processes. They drive cost efficiency throughout your organization. With several integrated operational modules available, you won't be paying for more than you need, ensuring best value for money.

Cargospot Airline

This is the most widely used cargo management system worldwide, providing many of the main functions, including sales, allotments and flight schedules, availability and bookings.

Cargospot Handling

Cargospot Handling is used by major worldwide GHAs to provide the rich functionality needed to manage the complexities of physical cargo processes outbound, inbound and transshipment.

Cargospot Revenue

This product is designed to manage and improve revenue collection and cash flow.

Cargospot Business Intelligence

This business intelligence tool is an extensive management reporting suite, specifically designed around the air freight processes.

ULD Manager

This solution will help you manage your pool of ULD assets, across your network and beyond. Designed around proven operational practices, it helps drive maximum utilization across cargo, passenger and mail.

Weight & Balance

Cut costs, improve loading and reduce fuel consumption with intelligent load planning – save time with a full load planned in a single click.

Cargospot Quotes

Cargospot Quotes is an optional feature which enhances your Cargospot experience that streamlines the process of quotes creation, authorization, distribution to your customer.

Supply Chain Integration Services

Want to eliminate paper and improve communication within your ground handling service? Our state-of-the-art messaging and integration platform provides seamless communication between airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, sales agents and other industry community participants. Our Portal solutions facilitate AWB data capture and ebooking, reducing costs and maximizing the quality of your data.

Traxon cargoHUB

Working in conjunction with our other products and other third party systems, it’s now easy to improve the availability and quality of information available in your systems, and those of your customers and service providers.

Traxon cargoHUB APIs

Providing web-based access to functionality to support customer applications.

Traxon Premium Tracking

Enabling you to track any AWB number, regardless if you are the originator of the FWB.

Regulatory Compliance Services

We can take the hard work out of the ever-increasing complexity of reporting information to customs and security agencies, making Border Management a fast, smooth and simple process. CHAMP is committed to IATA's drive towards a paperless end-to-end air cargo environment and have a range of solutions to help you achieve compliance. With the help of our Quality solutions, process and data quality can be optimized. We monitor 50% of all Cargo 2000 shipments and offer Message Improvement Program (MIP) Reporting for airlines and forwarders.

Traxon Global Customs

Simplifies the reporting requirements for 50 countries worldwide. Let us take care of your regulatory and compliance requirements, so that you can focus your attention where it counts - on moving cargo and delivering value to your clients.

Traxon Global Security

Traxon Global Security (TGS) is CHAMP’s brand new platform that is designed to help carriers and forwarders manage their Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) filing to comply with the Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) in the United States.

Community Marketplace Services

Our Portal solutions facilitate AWB data capture and ebooking, reducing costs and maximizing the quality of your data. Our applications are designed to help the largest possible community of small and medium sized enterprises to share information electronically.


FREIGHT.AERO, a multi-carrier portal run by CHAMP, allows airlines to offer their customers a consistent way to access their cargo system.

Cargo Insight Services

Leverage the data you already have into usable, easy to understand information through visuals such as dashboards. Gaining real-time insights can maximize the efficiency of your operational and business processes.

Traxon CDMP

TRAXON CDMP (Cargo iQ Data Management Portal) is an intelligent and intuitive web-based tool that helps you measure performance and drive process improvements to support Cargo iQ certification.

Traxon Quality

TRAXON Quality is a web-based platform to measure the full network of a carrier, for shipment flows and performance. It allows the user airline to create a transport plan for shipments, and tracking the progress against events and alerting exceptions for actions and improvements.

Traxon MIP Reporter

The IATA’s eFreight MIP (Message Improvement Program) aims to reduce the amount of paperwork in our industry and move towards an end-to-end paper free e-Cargo environment. This means data quality is vital if you are to achieve targets.


DataAnalytics is an optional feature with CHAMP’s suite of solutions that take advantage of the enormous amount data already collected through daily activity. It analyzes and presents this data through a series of intuitive dashboards.


Market insights through dashboards and alerts that show your performance and opportunities.


We offer our services on a hosted basis, eliminating the need to run your own servers and IT infrastructure.

Community approach

Our customers benefit from the community approach and shared costs. Our products are continually enhanced to meet industry requirements and changing business practices, with the improvements being made available to our community of customers

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