Innovation that brings together every part of the cargo lifecycle, from end to end to optimize your processes where you need them most.

Bringing functionality and usability to the forefront, CHAMP can revolutionize your sales processes. Cargospot and other products, such as online portals provide a plethora of services to help increase your business sales efforts and results.  Automating processes and leveraging modern technology channels will help save you time and increase your customers’ user experience.

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The CHAMP suite of solutions can help optimize your day-to-day operations – reducing overhead costs, time and errors.  Whether you’re interested in managing the complexities of physical cargo processes, ULD asset management, intelligent load planning management or overall business intelligence and performance measurement, CHAMP has multiple solutions to help your business reach its potential.

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The supply chain is a global ecosystem of different stakeholders, from shippers, to freight forwarders, ground handling agents, airlines / GSAs and customs / security authorities.  

Community integration is critical for maximizing the performance of the entire supply chain.  CHAMP proudly supports one of the leading air cargo communities. And regardless of size or budget, CHAMP has a solution for any business requiring community or supply chain integration.

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Automating accounting and revenue management to reduce revenue leakage, improve cash flow and even automate your sales invoicing.

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