CHAMP Cargo Management

The Cargospot handling module contains the same extensive handling features as those used by leading terminal handling operators such as Swissport and WFS.

Cargospot Handling

Take control of your inbound, outbound and transshipment operations with one easy-to-use system - designed to eliminate the need for several carrier systems. Industry standard and enhanced messaging capabilities ensure that you have the data you need and can update carrier’s data in real-time.

Cargospot Business Intelligence

Cargospot Business Intelligence gives you an extensive range of standard management reports based on the entire shipment cycle. It’s designed to help you to extract the business analysis and management information you need to make the right decisions at the right times.

Cargospot Mobile

CHAMP’s Cargospot Mobile puts its Cargospot Handling solution in the hands of anyone with an iOS, Android, or Windows smart phone or tablet – removing the need for separate hardware (rugged scanners).

CHAMP eCargo

Want to eliminate paper and improve communication within your ground handling service? Our state-of-the-art messaging and integration platform provides seamless communication between freight forwarders, ground handlers, sales agents and other industry community participants.

Traxon cargoHUB

Improve the availability and quality of information available in your systems, your customers’ systems (e.g. airlines) and even your customers’ customers’ systems (e.g. forwarders). Gathering electronic data helps the planning processes, and regular updates from the handling environment reduces the need for manual calls and queries of shipment location and status. It works with our other services such as Cargospot and also operates seamlessly with other third party systems.

Traxon Global Customs

Simplifies the reporting requirements for 50 countries worldwide. Let us take care of your regulatory and compliance requirements, so that you can focus your attention where it counts - on moving cargo and delivering value to your clients.


We offer our services on a hosted basis, eliminating the need to run your own servers and IT infrastructure.

Community approach

Our customers benefit from the community approach and shared costs. Our products are continually enhanced to meet industry requirements and changing business practices, with the improvements being made available to our community of customers.

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