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ECS Group appreciating the dedication from CHAMP's technical and business teams

As the world's leading GSSA for the air cargo industry, ECS Group embraces digitalization to continuously deliver the ultimate customer experience.   

The relationship with CHAMP goes back two decades and is built on true dedication from all parties involved. 


Frederic Mouza from ECS Group on enabling better collaboration across both groups with Cargospot


My name is Frederic Mouza.  I am a CIO Chief Information Officer of ECS Group and Global GSA Group the two main GSA in the work.

In the early 2000s and we have been working with Cargospot since then as a GSA and this is an ongoing partnership which has been very fruitful for both of us.

We arrived in ECS Group in 2018 and we had a couple of objectives to achieve with Cargospot including a way to make it more usable for our different collaborators in both groups – ECS Group and Global GSA Groups – but also we had we had a major challenge to move from on-premise Cargospot to a full SaaS Cargospot more secured with more functionality this that we have achieved last year thanks to the participation of CHAMP. 

The main things that we value the most within our partnership with CHAMP is clearly the dedication that the technical and business team have with us.  This is clearly something very important.  They are able to understand our issues because as a GSA we have some complex issues with Cargospot so they are able to understand and to solve this issue in a really timely manner which is quite important because Cargospot is currently our main system.


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