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ITA Airways Cargo valuing the frank relationship with CHAMP

Furthermore, ITA highlights the importance of trust in their long-term relationship with CHAMP.  CHAMP couldn't agree more.  

Trust - a simple four-letter word - yet probably the most important attribute in any relationship.  Trust is not always easy to gain and is fragile at all times - it can easily be broken. It really is the foundation for everything that comes next, open discussions around objectives, ideas. concerns and challenges alike.

The CHAMP team is looking forward to continue our trusted partnership, open and frank communications and ultimately enabling each other's success.

Daniela Lombardo from ITA Airways Cargo on the importance of trust  


I'm Daniela Lombardo from ITA Airways.  I’m managing the marketing Revenue management and digital for the company. 

I think that the the most valuable thing is that we have a very frank relationship so we we tell us the truth and move forward together always trying to find the best solution and to learn. 


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