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Cathay Cargo on the value of a strong cargo management provider

Ingrid Lee, the head of the cargo digital department at Cathay Cargo, understands the importance of future-proof technologies in pursuing digitization opportunities across the entire cargo business.

She emphasizes the need for a great cargo management system as the foundation for this digitalization journey.  With a long-term vision of digitizing the entire cargo business, Ingrid Lee recognizes the numerous opportunities that arise from embracing digital solutions.

To achieve this, having a reliable and trustworthy supplier, such as CHAMP, is critical. Lee values the open conversations and collaboration with CHAMP, as they have been working together for many years, enabling them to seize new opportunities and make things happen.

By harnessing future-proof technologies and leveraging strong partnerships, Cathay Cargo is well-positioned to drive digital transformation in the cargo industry.


Ingrid Lee from Cathay Cargo highlighting the criticality of a flexible cargo management system as the foundation for digitalization


I'm Ingrid Lee from Cathay Cargo so I head up the cargo digital department and look after the digital transformations for Cathay Cargo.

First, we definitely need a great cargo management system. That was the objective at the beginning and in a longer term we see a lot of like opportunities in terms of digitizing the whole cargo business.  And having a great supplier is definitely critical for that.

Open conversations that we can have so CHAMP is our trusted partner so we have been working together since like 2016. So over the years in like when things happens or when there's new opportunities came out so CHAMP is always the the party that we go to to make things great to make things happen.


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