We’ve created a suite of products to simplify the complexities and daily challenges of dealing with multiple carriers, all operating different services, prices and procedures.

From automated messaging to managing all your relationships, our GSA services are built around the robust technology used by carriers around the world – so you can all benefit from a unified system, working on the same platform.

Cargo Management Applications

Our Cargospot product has a sales application that works seamlessly together with the rest of the cargo management suite.

Cargospot GSA

This is the most widely used cargo management system for handling sales and reservations. Designed to support multiple carriers in the same system it eliminates the need to learn and use individual carriers’ systems.

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Cargospot Business Intelligence

Gives you an extensive range of standard management reports based on the entire shipment cycle. It’s designed to help you to extract the business analysis and management information you need to make the right decisions at the right times.

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Cargo Insight Services

Leverage the data you already have into usable, easy to understand information through visuals such as dashboards. Gaining real-time insights can maximize the efficiency of your operational and business processes.


DataAnalytics is an optional feature with CHAMP’s suite of solutions that take advantage of the enormous amount data already collected through daily activity. It analyzes and presents this data through a series of intuitive dashboards.

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We offer our services on a hosted basis, eliminating the need to run your own servers and IT infrastructure.

Community approach

Our customers benefit from the community approach and shared costs. Our products are continually enhanced to meet industry requirements and changing business practices, with the improvements being made available to our community of customers.

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