Market insights through dashboards and alerts that show your performance and opportunities

See your market share by route, client, types of goods, special handling, and much more. Spot changes in capacity by route fast to keep pricing optimized and grow your business. Track yields and evaluate the potential clients and revenues of a new route. Give key managers insights through Power BI dashboards that they can customize. And significantly reduce your costs for market intelligence services.

Just as streaming transformed music distribution because CDs couldn't scale in reach or range, this service leverages modern technologies to transform air cargo market intelligence, such as:

  • Systems integration for greater depth of information;
  • Daily updates to drive faster decisions;
  • Power BI dashboards to help managers gain tailored insights & alerts;
  • And, just like music streaming, more value for much less money.

The cross-industry service ensures that organizations cannot see the business of other participants, only their own business, their market share, and their market size. That is regulated in accordance with competition law and described through a Data Use policy.

Start with a no-charge trial of the service populated with demonstration data. If you like that, we can include the data CHAMP sees from Cargospot or TRAXON cargoHUB, or share integration options with other cargo systems.

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At a glance

Frequency - daily updates rather than the monthly updates of traditional services

Depth – Much more information including types of goods, handling codes, and more

Usability - Modern & powerful BI tool that users can customize to their interests

Value - Much lower cost than current services

Further benefits of MarketAnalytics

Individual users can customize the service to focus on their interests

The service is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dashboards work by:

  • selecting when, who, where, and what you want to see.
  • Selecting which metrics to show; and
  • Setting options for the view.

Dynamic smart filters allow you to slice and dice the data at will. The hierarchical dimensions such as time, geography, handling and goods, allow analyses at various levels of aggregation. Dashboards show your performance compared to the market across routes, time, clients, and more.

Customizable alerts to market changes

The alert feature allows you to pinpoint changes fast .

Comprehensive functionality

Freight forwarder, shipper, consignee names and those of goods are normalized so you will no longer face issues with multiple versions.

Broad and deep insights

The service is delivered through 22 dashboards, 27 dimensions and 196 metrics.

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