Air cargo is a key contributor to world trade and needs effective and efficient solutions to sustain the continuous demand for the reliable delivery of services across global supply chains. CHAMP meets the day-to-day challenges our customers face in meeting, and exceeding those demands with modern, innovative, integrated and cost effective IT solutions.

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Our Cargo Management Suite, Cargospot, empowers you with complete end-to-end control over commercial, operation and revenue accounting processes.  They drive cost efficiency throughout your organization.

With several integrated operational modules available, you won't be paying for more than you need, ensuring best value for money.

Overview of all Cargo Management Applications products

Want to streamline electronic data exchange and connect to one of the biggest air cargo communities in the world?   

Our state-of-the-art messaging and integration platform provides seamless communication between freight forwarders, airlines, ground handlers, sales agents and other industry community participants.

Overview of all Supply Chain Integration Services products

We can take the hard work out of the ever-increasing complexity of reporting information to customs and security agencies, making Border Management a fast, smooth and simple process.

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CHAMP’s Community Marketplace Services automate many processes that can slow down your business. After all, your customers don’t stop after business hours. Keep in touch with them 24/7 with dynamic portals that can walk them through the entire sales lifecycle including marketing, quotes, booking and status updates, all updated in real time.

Overview of all Community Marketplace Services products

In the digital age, solutions produce a huge amount of data. With CHAMP’s Cargo Insight Services, you can leverage the data you already have into usable, easy to understand information through visuals such as dashboards.  Gaining real-time insights can maximize the efficiency of your operational and business processes.

Overview of all Cargo Insight Services products

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