CHAMP DataAnalytics provides powerful insights, leveraging the cargo, shipment, and operational data processed by services including: Cargospot, Traxon CDMP, Traxon Global Customs, and Traxon cargoHUB.

The data is displayed in dynamic, easy-to-understand dashboards. These dashboards provide real-time actionable insight with the ability to ‘drill down’ into detail. They can be viewed on a PC browser or mobile device.

Dashboard Revenue

Current library dashboards

  • Revenue and Sales Analysis (Cargospot)
  • CDMP Analytics (CDMP + cargoHUB)
  • CEO Dashboard (Cargospot)
  • Handling Analytics (Cargospot)
  • Interlines (Cargospot)
  • On-Time Performance (Cargospot)
  • Performance Summary (Cargospot)
  • TGC Performance (TGC)

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At a glance

  • Informative – Gives business leaders the key information to make business decisions
  • Real-time – Data is continually updated
  • Choice – A library of dashboards are available for immediate use
  • Flexible – Create your own dashboard for a bespoke view or export the data for external manipulation and visualization

Monitor effectiveness in real-time

  • No need to wait for monthly or quarterly reporting to track targets
  • Draws data from CHAMP and third-party systems
  • Quick insight functions generate interactive visualizations based on your data.
  • Natural Language Query allows you to receive the answers you need in the form of charts and graphs, simply by asking a question like, “What was the total flown weight last year?”


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