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A comprehensive way to navigate ICS2 eCommerce reporting

Make Traxon Global eCommerce your partner in navigating the ever-changing regulation landscape 

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is a European Union (EU) customs initiative designed to enhance security and safety in international trade. The IT system was created to collect data on all e-commerce goods entering the EU through an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) before their arrival.

ICS2 poses potential risks for the e-commerce industry if air carriers, freight forwarders, express courier service providers, or postal operators do not ensure they have the processes or technology to respond to these new requirements.

Traxon Global eCommerce can be leveraged to stay compliant while looking at growing your e-commerce business. Our platform-agnostic, easily integrated software ensures compliance with ICS2 pre-load and pre-arrival declaration requirements.


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At a glance

Simplify and accelerate your eCommerce Pre-Load (PLACI) and Pre-Arrival (ACI) filing to ICS2. 

  • Automate ENS Entry Summary Declaration.
  • Support your legal compliance processes with access to detailed history and data archives.
  • Submit goods and cargo declaration data before loading.
  • Stay compliant by transmitting pre-loading information required by different local authorities.
  • Enhance supply chain planning with immediate goods release.

Traxon Global eCommerce Benefits 

  • Compliance Assurance: Ensures compliance with EU-ICS2 standards for both pre-load and pre-arrival declarations.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Efficiency: Monitor and action any notifications issued (Rfl, Rfs, DNL) and action any referrals from a centralized dashboard.
  • Automated Data Exchange: Consolidate information from the sender and generate outputs in formats specified by relevant governmental agencies.
  • Open and Integrated: Benefit from a platform-agnostic software that seamlessly connects to fellow Traxon and Cargospot products.
  • Global Regulation Considerations: CHAMP regularly updates Traxon Global eCommerce to support the latest compliance initiatives.


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