Customs & Security

We’re involved in multiple initiatives for e-CSD and ACAS

Security has become one of the most important topics within the air cargo industry. With requirements like ACAS, Electronic Consignment Security Declaration (e-CSD) and Advance Electronic (Customs) Information assuming even greater significance, we offer AEI solutions for 40 countries and are involved in multiple pilots for e-CSD and ACAS.

We can help with…

  • AEI, e-Manifest & Arrival reporting
  • Messaging & connectivity
  • Vendor certification
  • eCSD capture
  • OCI-Customs & Security management
  • US ACAS FHL>>PHL, PSN>>CSN conversions
  • ACC3 RC status pipeline
  • Prime provider of customs & expect security solutions

Our approach

We’re targeting our efforts in three main areas:

  1. Transformation services - enabling new businesses, new business models and new processes.
  2. Enabling services - helping you achieve a better return on your investment through smarter operations.
  3. Foundation services - solutions to help support those core processes that are vital to your success.

Learn more about our complementary products and services:

  • Traxon Global Customs
  • Traxon Customs Connect
  • Traxon cargoNDC

  • Traxon cargoHUB
  • Cargospot Airline
  • Cargospot  Handling
  • Traxon Global Security

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