The quality of the air cargo industry’s collective data and processes will be a deciding factor in the success of our move towards eCargo.

As the leading vendor in Cargo iQ we can offer a range of support to the widest range of types of member - from carriers to forwarders, handers and truckers.

Our experience includes managing three CDMPs (Cargo iQ Data Management Platforms), the creating of value added applications using CDMP, and are key contributors to Cargo iQ.

We can help with…

  • Cargo iQ compliance
  • CDMP-C A2A (Airport to Airport) (Phase 1)
  • CDMP-F D2A (Door to Airport) & A2D (Phase 2)
  • GHA SLA Reporting
  • Messaging to C2K standards (CIMP & iCDMP)
  • Performance and message reporting - event tracking
  • Extended tracking to mobility apps/portals

Our approach

We’re targeting our efforts in three main areas:

  1. Transformation services - enabling new businesses, new business models and new processes.
  2. Enabling services - helping you achieve a better return on your investment through smarter operations.
  3. Foundation services - solutions to help support those core processes that are vital to your success.

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