Boost your business with Cargospot

Boost your Cargospot Airline experience by simplifying the sales process from quotes to booking

Cargospot Quotes is an optional feature which enhances your Cargospot experience. It streamlines the process of quotes creation, authorization, distribution to your customer and, upon acceptance, automated conversion of the quote into a booking.

Afterall, the quotation process is your customers’ first contact with you, the Airline. Make sure you make it a good one! Increase efficiencies, reputation and help win more business.

Find out more by downloading our article on Cargospot Quotes.


Cargospot AirMail can power old businesses in new ways

Today’s consumers expect very fast delivery and will buy from retailers or individual shippers half way round the world. While e-commerce can power air cargo’s growth, it also needs new systems and processes to keep up with that demand.

Processing air mail and parcels is inherently different to heavier air cargo, which is what led CHAMP to build its new Cargospot AirMail module. As an integral part of Cargospot, it meets the UPU needs for shipping e-commerce: visibility, speed, and collaboration delivered at low-cost.

A key advantage of the Cargospot Airline being part of Cargospot Airline, is that it allows carriers to manage mail as part of their overall cargo capacity. The new functionality allows airlines to move towards the IATA Postal Air Waybill Number initiative. Yet, it also meets the post offices’ unique needs by allowing the creation of post office allocations, the assignment of capacity specifically for mail, post-only and ad hoc contracts, and UPU rating for non-contracted shipments.

Find out more by downloading our article on Cargospot AirMail.


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