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CHAMP sponsors high-school robotics team, The Mechanisms

CHAMP sponsors high-school robotics team, The Mechanisms

CHAMP sponsors high-school robotics team, The Mechanisms

CHAMP is sponsoring a high-school robotics team, The Mechanisms, to encourage the next generation of curious, innovative, and creative scientific minds.

CHAMP has stepped forward to sponsor a community based high school robotics team, named The Mechanisms. This is an important initiative that allows the group of eager young minds to participate in worldwide robotics challenges and explore real-world engineering.

The Mechanisms are unique in that they are not specific to any school. Instead, the team is comprised of students from 8th to 12th grade from various schools around Atlanta, Georgia USA. 

The ethos of The Mechanisms is that the team is "student-run" where the students make all decisions regarding the robot and game strategy, from brainstorming to competition. Experienced volunteer mentors are on hand to guide the students on project management, tool training, and safety.

Participants are a mix of home-schooled, public, and private schooled students, or who attend a school without a robotics team.

Most high-school robotics teams receive funding from their schools, which enables them to participate in competitions and cover expenses such as materials, workshop space, tools, and the food, lodging, and travel expenses incurred at events. These expenses can run as high as USD 40, 000 per season of competitions.

As a community-based team not tied to any school, The Mechanisms rely on the generosity of donations to participate in competitions such as the FIRST Robotics Competition; an event that combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology.

To support their efforts and facilitate participation in the PCH District Events and the FIRST Robotics Competition, CHAMP is sponsoring The Mechanisms.

CHAMP's financial contributions will provide members of The Mechanisms with the opportunity to attend both local and global events, flex their creative and strategic problem-solving skills, and ultimately foster an interest in science, technology, and engineering.

By proactively encouraging and investing in the next generation of great scientific minds, CHAMP can help raise the leaders of the future.

This is central to CHAMP's commitment to digitalization in an open collaborative and innovative approach to transforming the air cargo industry. 

Best of luck to The Mechanisms!



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