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CHAMP processes millions of messages each month between airlines, handlers, forwarders, and shippers. Our services route and translate formats and versions to ensure that messages are delivered as needed. But those messages are only useful if they contain good and valid data.

A new prototype service helps with just that; it looks at the contents of messages and highlights any issues that occur. For example, entering a destination airport of LON or NYC is a problem because those are city codes for London and New York which each have many airports. Another way it can help is for compliance with local regulations as, for instance, sending gun parts to some countries is acceptable but not to others. A special handling code (SHC) must come from a predefined list for the shipment to be handled correctly.

When we ran 100,000 air waybills from 20 carriers through DataChecker, we found that about 8% had an invalid airport code and 4% an invalid carrier code. The service verified other reference data including SHCs, ULD types, country codes, and currency codes. The service also checks whether consolidations are reported correctly and for keywords including; gun or lithium - and alert you when needed. Lastly, it checks for invalid text such as entering a series of dots where there should be detail.

If you are interested to see how the service works, mail and include an FWB message in the body with nothing else; no signature. The service will reply either telling you the errors that it found or that it found none. If you would like to see a service specification, contact your CHAMP representative or email

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