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How the air cargo industry can digitalize through ONE Record

How the air cargo industry can digitalize through ONE Record

How the air cargo industry can digitalize through ONE Record

As a trailblazer of open and interconnected systems, CHAMP is committed to pioneering the implementation and adoption of ONE Record.

Recent years have seen growing calls for the digital transformation of the air cargo industry, and 2024 brings renewed enthusiasm for digitalization. 

Many businesses are eager to implement new digital technologies to reap the benefits of a streamlined business model, greater efficiencies, and digitize manual tasks.

The International Data Company reports that in 2022, companies 
invested USD$1.85 trillion worldwide in digital transformation initiatives – a figure that is expected to reach USD $3.4 trillion by 2026.

Research conducted by McKinsey also concluded that “the future will belong to companies that put technology at the center of their outlook, capabilities, and leadership mandate.” 

It is clear that digital transformation is long overdue for the air cargo industry. Other industries can point the way to the enormous benefits on offer from digitalization, and we do not have to look very far to see what has been achieved on the passenger side of our business, with mobile check-in, e-gates and facial recognition. It is crucial that air cargo businesses truly digitalize at a pace and magnitude to seize the opportunities on offer because it will not be long before competing industries catch on.

The air cargo industry needs to capitalize on its competitive advantages, such as being able to respond more quickly to e-commerce demand, by continuing to make air freight more attractive, reliable and transparent, thus mitigating a modal shift.

This can only be achieved by embracing digitalization. 

IATA’s ONE Record initiative is a central component of digitalization for numerous airlines, ground handlers, freight forwarders and software providers. It aims to harmonize industry messaging by exchanging data transparently in a digital ecosystem.

Through continuous innovation, identifying use cases and following through on production, CHAMP and the air cargo industry as a whole can enjoy a harmonized flow of information.

CHAMP sees ONE Record as the standard that will drive the full digitalization of air cargo and enable new services.

By adopting ONE Record, the air cargo community can remove the 
barriers inherent in the existing information exchange protocols and be able to augment shipment data, thus providing the opportunity to increase visibility and efficiency across the supply chain.

While the proposed deadline for industry adoption of ONE Record is not until 2026, IATA advises that stakeholders should already be preparing.

Most recently, CHAMP announced the production of ONE Record projects with Worldwide Flight Services and Cathay Cargo, who will experience the benefits of ONE Record much earlier than the January 2026 deadline.

IATA have expressed their gratitude, stating that “CHAMP’s commitment to harnessing the power of ONE Record is a testament to its dedication to advancing air cargo.  Its proactive approach to supporting and adopting this standard sets a benchmark for innovation and collaborative success in the industry.”

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of ONE Record connectivity in your air cargo business, be sure to join CHAMP's upcoming webinar to learn more. You can find out more about our webinar and register here.

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