IATA ONE Record: The first milestone in a new world of air cargo data exchange

With an IATA ONE Record pilot successfully completed in September 2020, we can finally and confidently state that it does work. For those not in the know, the project proposes a solution by defining a common API (Application Programming Interface) for all electronic platforms used by various stakeholders in the supply chain involved in the data provisioning process. It offers the ability of standardizing the data exchange protocol in the air cargo industry and provides added benefits of better data quality, control, transparency, and ease of connectivity. However, there is a long road ahead.

While we already know the benefits and the greener future it offers carriers throughout the air cargo supply chain, the onus is on our partners throughout the supply chain to accept and implement an unquestionably better data format.

Through Traxon cargoHUB, we have the ability to bridge the gap between the old and new data world. Increasing accuracy and data quality, however, requires not only the technology to do so – but the will to collect it on the ground.

For many throughout the supply chain, the pandemic has offered opportunity in crisis. Reduced capacity allows some to switch and modify systems. When we enter the post-pandemic world, will you be ready with the latest technology to help your business thrive? Or will it be a missed opportunity?

In the same vein, ONE Record offers much and requires little. However, without collective adoption it could be another missed opportunity.

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