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Machine Learning: Researching a new tomorrow for air cargo

Machine Learning: Researching a new tomorrow for air cargo

Machine Learning: Researching a new tomorrow for air cargo

Let's take a look at how the air cargo industry can leverage the power of Machine Learning (ML) for a brighter future.

Data can unlock unseen potential for organizations big and small. Recent strides in technology mean that we are able to leverage data to reap competitive benefits and digitalize at scale.

Powered by algorithms - simply mathematical equations that compute vast amounts of data - this technology can actually help systems “learn” patterns, and even forecast future ones.

“Machine learning”, as it is often referred to, has expanded to everything from reading radiography and x-rays in the medical field more accurately than doctors, to allowing Google to provide the gold-standard of automatic language translation, and even helping Amazon predict where and when the demands for specific goods will spike.

This begs the question; how can we make use of such predictive technology in air cargo?

CHAMP Cargosystems’ innovation team has been exploring machine learning to support the air cargo supply chain and its stakeholders.

One such technology includes Natural Language Understanding, which automatically enables systems to understand what customers request by mail, text, or voice to process the query.

These technologies are already used by many B2C businesses, including some passenger airlines, to streamline the customer service process, refining workflows based on the nature of the enquiry. 

For cargo applications, machine learning can reduce the time required to respond to inquiries and streamline the customer services process. CHAMP foresees many new applications for machine learning in the air cargo supply chain. We expect many elements to overlap with technologies already in use by carriers today, such as predictive pricing.

There are many potential uses in the air cargo industry, particularly in three key areas: anomaly detection to improve quality, document processing to speed up handling in the warehouse, and computer vision to help automation.

We are committed to continuous innovation in the air cargo industry and are constantly pro-actively incorporating new technologies and machine learning into our products. We recently launched a new product called CHAMP A2Z Scan which uses machine learning to quickly scan paper documents such as AWBs, thereby saving 85% of the time taken to complete tasks manually.

If you're thinking about leveraging the latest in machine learning in your business and would like to explore your options, please contact our team today.

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