Speeding dock turnaround with SprintPass

The automation of pickup and drop-off requests at warehouse docks is essential to streamline the movement of shipments into and out of a warehouse, and through the air cargo supply chain.

 A new CHAMP partner, CargoSprint, provides easy workflows to expedite dock turnaround with its SprintPass solution. That allows freight forwarders to create a pick-up or drop-off order which is sent to a trucking company. The trucking company then schedules a suitable time from available slots so that the cargo can be ready. When a driver arrives, they enter the MAWB information through a computer or self-service screen. Front office and warehouse staff then bring out the cargo which is loaded to go.

Integrating with Cargospot Handling through new APIs could add efficiencies to the process such as:

  1. Less manual data entry Data such as consignee, HAWB’s, piece count and weight can be pulled in automatically from the MAWB.
  2. Avoiding unnecessary and reducing congestion Availability (Customs, breakdown status, etc.) can be communicated before the driver’s arrival and not when they arrive.
  3. Predictive analytics Recommendations as to the number of trucks or truck size needed can be provided to the trucker based on AWB information provided via APIs.

An example, of an API-enabled workflow is illustrated below:

If you are interested in using SprintPass with your Cargospot system, contact us at marketing@champ.aero

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