In July 2020, the UK Home Office called for voluntary participation in its Preloading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) air cargo security program, Pre-Departure Information for Cargo Targeting (Pre-DICT), affecting air freight entering the country. Carriers, forwarders, and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) are now asked to submit cargo data to the UK Home Office prior to loading shipments on to an aircraft transiting through or destined for the UK.

How to be compliant with the United Kingdom's new security Pre-DICT filing rules

Under the new UK Pre-DICT rules, it will soon be mandatory for carriers flying cargo into the UK (both as a destination and in-transit) to file 7+1 data elements with the UK Home Office. These include:

1. Shipper’s name

2. Shipper's address

3. Consignee’s name

4. Consignee's address

5. Goods description

6. Quantity

7. Weight

+1. Air waybill number

Carriers are not the only ones affected by this regulation. Pre-DICT poses challenges to forwarders as well, as most of the 7+1 data must be collected well before shipments reach the warehouse. Both forwarders and carriers are responsible to collect and submit the proper information or potentially face delays. While carriers are held responsible, forwarders are also able to file for security clearance - something already taken up by many larger freight forwarding companies. As always, every company wants to keep an eye on its shipments, hence why many seek the capability to monitor and track shipment progress along the way to ensure it is never held or delayed due to non-compliance.

Our advance cargo screening software can help

TRAXON Global Security (TGS), which is based on CHAMP’s successful customs compliance solution, TRAXON Global Customs (TGC), has been launched in Jan 2018 with the US Air Cargo Advance Screening compliance (ACAS). TGS, like it’s cousin TGC, allows airlines, GHAs, and forwarders to access, use, and submit all the necessary and relevant data required by the authorities and facilitate the referral management. Users can track the progress and success of their security filings easily and efficiently with automated alerts triggered every step of the way (milestones). In a nutshell, TGS ensures compliance with Pre-DICT in the UK, ACAS in the US, Canada PACT, and future PLACI regulations as one standalone application.

In addition to sharing shipment data with the security authorities in the right format, TGS also enables effortless data sharing between partners in the supply chain, designed to increase transparency and visibility.

If you are interested in implementing TGS for Pre-DICT, or other PLACI filing please click here:

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Future air cargo security regulations

TGS was developed with future regulations in mind and has been designed to also support future PLACI schemes. 

Similar to Pre-DICT and ACAS, Canada is currently in the pilot phase of its own new regulatory security scheme, the Pre-Load Air Cargo Targeting (PACT), for air freight filing. The European Union’s Pre-Loading Consignment Information for Secure Entry (PRECISE) program is also in the planning phases for air cargo service providers to provide shipment data ahead of the consignment’s flight time and is expected for 2022/2023.

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