CF EMEA 2019: Air Cargo’s next frontier

CHAMP CEO Arnaud Lambert joined executives with Astral Aviation, Freightos, and Dronamics to discuss what is on the horizon for air cargo at a panel discussion at Cargo Facts EMEA.

To discussion covered two emerging tracks of innovation that are often discussed in silos – one related to commercial aspects of air cargo, and a second being equipment focused – are becoming increasingly intercoupled.

Mr. Lambert went on to say, “Everybody needs to embrace the fact that withholding information penalizes the entire chain”. Uttering a recurring theme during Cargo Facts EMEA, Lambert agreed that cargo needs to talk more. In addition to making systems talk, Lambert argued that a good data-management strategy often involves a simple dialogue with customers and clients. “If you want to make a difference, take your top ten customers, ask them what they need to improve their processes and repeat this throughout the chain, in the end we improve how we share information and ultimately satisfy needs of the shipper.”

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