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Brexit – What’s the latest for air cargo?

Brexit – What’s the latest for air cargo?

The EU and the UK Government have now agreed to extend the Article 50 date, setting out when the UK will formally leave the EU, to as long as necessary but no later than 31 January 2020.

What is does this mean for customs reporting?

There will be no change to the current situation. The former given date of OCT31st2019 is not relevant anymore. Up until the point in time that the Brexit becomes effective,  UK will still stay an EU Member State and apply the same, common Customs and trade agreements signed within the EU.

What is CHAMP doing?

Based on the latest information CHAMP there is no change in reporting at this point in time and CHAMP will keep running the existing reporting.

CHAMP will stay in close contact with various customs organizations and share information with its customers in due time.

Moving forward CHAMP will continue to execute test scenarios with its Cargo applications (Cargospot or eCHAMP applications) & TGC services to validate compliance with the published rules and will adjust it’s services if need be.

CHAMP’s recommendation

As BREXIT is foreseen to happen in the next coming months, we do recommend you to be prepared for it. Brexit will affect the customs procedures and processes for trade to and from the United Kingdom, especially between the UK and the European Union and UK will become a 3rd country to the EU Customs zone. So;

Get the right EORI

  • For any declaration to UK Customs, a UK EORI is required.
  • For any declaration to EU customs, an EU EORI is required

Feed TGC with the up to date Flight schedule and standard messaging (FFM, FWB, FHL, and MVT messages) on time

As mentioned, you may have to adjust your existing EU customs registration with the new EORI id. For example, in case you are registered to Sweden Customs with a UK EORI, you will need to adjust your current registration with an EU EORI to comply with the new EU setup, when it becomes required.


Please do not hesitate to get back to us in case of any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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