Starting 1 February 2018 – Lebanese Customs mandate reporting for Inbound, Outbound, Transit, FROB, and nil cargo flights

As you are probably aware, Lebanese Customs announced that all import, export, transit, FROB cargo, and nil cargo flights and air shipments must be reported in advance electronically, as of 1 February 2018

Complying is easy with Lebanese Customs now available as part of CHAMP’s comprehensive compliance solution, Traxon Global Customs (TGC).  TGC will enable carriers with shipments to Lebanon to file Flight Manifest, Air Waybill, and House Waybill data per the requirements avoiding potential penalties and / or delays.

Used today by over 110+ airlines and ground handlers, Traxon Global Customs solution currently covers electronic filing requirements in 50+ countries worldwide for Advance Electronic Customs Information covering both import, export, transshipment and transit regulations for air cargo.
If you need to file consignments data to Lebanon, please contact your nominated CHAMP Service or Sales Manager or email for further details and pricing information.

Technical information as background:

All airlines or appointed local ground handlers (acting on behalf of the airlines) in Lebanon are solely responsible for the transmission of the data (Air Waybill, House Waybill and Flight Manifest) to Lebanese Customs.

Carriers need only to send their IATA Cargo-IMP FWB, FHL, FFM messages to the CHAMP TGC service on flight departure prior to arrival to Lebanon and TGC takes care of the rest – connecting to Customs, and filing the correct Customs messages on time using the Cargo-IMP message data supplied by the carrier. Lebanese Customs has decided to adapt to the IATA CargoXML schema.

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