Abreu Carga implements CHAMP’s Traxon cargoHUB

Frankfurt, 21 September 2020 – Abreu - Carga e Trânsitos, Lda has implemented CHAMP’s Traxon cargoHUB for its digital data exchange. Abreu Carga is one of the main transport companies in Portugal and operates air, land and ocean freight services in Portugal, the Azores, and Angola.

Traxon cargoHUB is a platform featuring one of the largest air cargo communities, with electronic access to over 100 airlines and 3,000 forwarders, operating from 9,000 branches worldwide. By improving the data quality and completeness in the supply chain, Traxon cargoHUB efficiently connects the entire global airfreight community, irrespective of their IT configuration or systems resulting in higher productivity, efficiency and lower costs. 

“Abreu Carga is a landmark organization inside Portugal and out,” says Laurent Jossa, Head of Sales – Distribution Services at CHAMP Cargosystems. “We are delighted to be a pivotal part of its operations and journey to digitalization.”

“Abreu Carga requires solutions that can easily fit with our evolving workflows and structures,” says Nuno Fonseca, General Manager at Abreu Carga. “Traxon cargoHUB will further connect us to the worldwide community.” 

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