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Air Greenland to be powered by CHAMP Cargosystems Cargospot Products

Air Greenland to be powered by CHAMP Cargosystems Cargospot Products

By adopting a majority of the Cargospot suite, Air Greenland is uniquely poised to grow in 2024 and beyond.

Air Greenland and CHAMP Cargosystems have signed a multi-year agreement that will see the transatlantic airline adopt numerous Cargospot products in 2024. The move marks an exciting step forward in Air Greenland’s modernization and digitalization strategy.

As the national airline of Greenland, Air Greenland has a proud history stretching back over 60 years. As a new CHAMP customer, they will be supported by a majority of the Cargospot suite including Cargospot Airline, Cargospot Handling, Cargospot Mobile, Cargospot Revenue Accounting, Cargospot AirMail, and Cargospot Portal. This will enable Air Greenland to leverage CHAMP’s industry-leading library of APIs, and exciting AI and ML features.

Based in Nuuk, Greenland, the airline operates with a number of remote offices and warehouses that face unique requirements. The country is largely serviced by air cargo and air mail due to its vast, glacier landscape. This makes air cargo operations a staple of Greenlands unique ecosystem, and a pivotal part of staying connected to the rest of the world.

By investing in specialized tools and platforms such as Cargospot Mobile, Cargospot AirMail and Cargospot Portal, Air Greenland has demonstrated their commitment and passion for meeting the unique needs of their community and championing Greenland’s economy. These services will support Air Greenland’s numerous remote operations with more visibility, enhanced connectivity, and collaboration.

The Cargospot products adopted by Air Greenland are the most widely used, sophisticated and comprehensive cargo management systems worldwide. The airline will enjoy the competitive benefits of digitalized processes, seamless integration with external tools, enhanced productivity, and greater efficiencies.

Søren Nørsø Head of Cargo at Air Greenland said “CHAMP’s unique range of offerings are a perfect fit for the needs of our company and the community we operate in, so we are very excited about our future. By investing in CHAMP’s open and interconnected systems that facilitate collaboration across remote teams, we are strongly positioned to grow in the years that come.”

Isha Knight, Senior Sales and Account Manager from CHAMP said “It’s our pleasure to provide Air Greenland with the tools and platforms necessary to deliver a world-class experience for their community. This has been an exciting partnership, and we look forward to their continued success powered by the Cargospot product suite.”

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