The STAT Trade Times, popularly known as STAT TIMES, yesterday presented the STAT TIMES INTERNATIONAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN AIR CARGO in 11 categories as part of the Air Cargo Africa 2015 conference held in South Africa this month.
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CHAMP Cargosystems is “International IT Systems Provider of the Year in Africa”

CHAMP Cargosystems is “International IT Systems Provider of the Year in Africa”

Luxembourg, February 27, 2015CHAMP Cargosystems is proud to announce that it has been nominated “International IT Systems Provider of the Year in Africa” for the second time in a row. This award recognizes CHAMP’s contribution as an industry leader in the provision of the most comprehensive range of integrated IT (Information Technology) solutions and distribution services for the air cargo industry. CHAMP has achieved this position through the support of its customers and partners.

James Fernandez, VP of Cargo Services at CHAMP Cargosystems, commented: “As a leading provider of IT solutions to the air logistics community we are delighted to accept this award. I would like to thank all our customers and partners for their support throughout the year. We are honoured to have so many African companies in the CHAMP community. Information technology plays a pivotal role in the transformation and modernization of the air cargo industry. Many African carriers, GHAs and other industry service providers have recognized this, and together with CHAMP Cargosystems continue to innovate, invest, and grow in support of the wider air cargo community. This award recognizes our efforts in delivering world-class solutions and support to world-class carriers and their service providers and partners. Our experience in delivering hundreds of projects all around the globe provides African companies with access to an extraordinary wealth of knowledge. We are a proven and reliable partner.”

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