CHAMP Cargosystems, the world’s leading provider of integrated air cargo solutions, has launched CargoUpdate, a comprehensive airfreight community platform designed to enhance communication among airlines and freight forwarders.
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CHAMP Cargosystems launches CargoUPDATE enabling airlines to share information more easily

CHAMP Cargosystems launches CargoUPDATE enabling airlines to share information more easily

London, February 2014 – Further to significant investments in core systems and information exchange platforms, including Traxon in 2011, CHAMP is focused on providing further industry integration tools with CargoUpdate.

CargoUpdate is designed for airlines and GSAs to easily publish and disseminate operational and news announcements to the global air cargo community. This airfreight community portal is fully prepared and optimized for smartphones and tablets, and leverages CHAMP’s comprehensive air cargo portfolio of core airline and messaging systems. This Integration will allow airlines to effectively communicate flight and capacity changes as well as updates, such as fuel surcharges to the market, generating significant communications and commercial efficiencies to all parties.

Commenting on the launch, Dirk de Rooij, Head of Community Integration and eCargo, reveals, “We are delighted to have Innovata on board as one of our valued launch partners, providing additional benefits to CargoUpdate, its customers and users. We will continue exploring further partnership opportunities to make CargoUpdate the preferred combined portal of cargo relevant operational news, tools and information.”

Innovata, a global leader in travel planning solutions, is the integrated launch partner for CargoUpdate. Innovata’s FlightMaps tool is embedded into CargoUpdate enabling airlines and freight forwarders to quickly obtain an overview of all currently available routes operated by 800+ airlines at over 3500 airports around the world. This and other products will be further integrated into CargoUpdate over the coming weeks and months.

James Fernandez, Vice President, Global Commercial Operations at CHAMP, explains, “With its comprehensive 10-year experience, CHAMP Cargosystems is a global leader when it comes to cargo IT integration services. The launch of CargoUpdate and the expansion of CHAMP’s team with cargo community experienced staff continues to demonstrate CHAMP’s commitment to an integrated airfreight community providing communications and commercial benefits to carriers, GSAs, handlers and freight forwarders alike.”

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