CHAMP introduces ‘Flight View’ to Traxon CDMP

Frankfurt 31 August 2017 - CHAMP Cargosystems has recently introduced a new feature, ‘Flight View’, to its Traxon CDMP users. “Flight View’ enables airlines to view and monitor all shipments related to a particular flight.  This allows stations to group their to-do lists by flight, showing all action items across all shipments on that particular flight.

Traxon CDMP is a leading quality management solution, that measures over 40% of the worldwide Cargo iQ airline shipments. The solution is enhanced with the latest Cargo iQ specifications. In addition, Traxon CDMP has been consistently developed with new functionalities and user-friendly features, and extended to serve additional quality measuring and monitoring needs that go beyond the Cargo iQ scope.

“By expanding our service and adding more functionality to our Traxon CDMP offering, we can make sure our customers have the most up-to-date features that not only maximize the benefits of Cargo iQ, but also bring more efficient quality management,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, Vice President Sales & Marketing at CHAMP Cargosystems. “The new feature will help handling operations to focus on the right activities at the right time in a very efficient way.”

As the pilot client of CHAMP’s quality monitoring solution, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP) comments, “We are appreciative of all the ongoing developments of Traxon CDMP”, says David Granzotto, Head of Performance Management, Cargo Operations & Logistics at AFKLMP. “We are confident the newly introduced feature, ’Flight View’, will help us to further simplify the handling process at stations and increase productivity.”

Dedicated to the increasing market need of quality improvements, CHAMP collaborates closely with its clients to ensure Traxon CDMP provides not only better service performance, but also brings a wider range of possibilities to improve their business efficiency.

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