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JetBlue Cargo and Aeronex Cargo enhance air cargo operations with CHAMP Cargospot

JetBlue Cargo and Aeronex Cargo enhance air cargo operations with CHAMP Cargospot

Through Aeronex Cargo, JetBlue Cargo will benefit from CHAMP’s Cargospot ecosystem and community.

Aeronex Cargo, JetBlue’s exclusive Cargo representative, have selected CHAMP Cargosystems as their software provider in a new multi-year partnership. This will see JetBlue Cargo migrate to new Cargospot products in April 2024 to support digitalization and business growth.

As one of the leading low cost airlines in the US, JetBlue has a strong presence across the America’s and has been steadily expanding into Europe. JetBlue contracted Aeronex Cargo for the launch of JetBlue Cargo in 2019, upon which Aeronex Cargo inherited legacy systems from JetBlue.

Aeronex Cargo’s goal was to modernize and enhance the systems JetBlue Cargo was using. CHAMP Cargosystems had provided Aeronex Cargo with a demonstration of their Cargospot systems and industry leading API library, which left a strong impression and made CHAMP the software provider of choice to support JetBlue Cargo’s growth.

JetBlue Cargo will migrate to Cargospot Airline, a powerful tool that matches those used by carriers. Cargospot Airline is the most widely used sophisticated and comprehensive cargo management system.

It supports multiple carriers’ booking, accounting, rating and reporting requirements within a single platform, thereby eliminating the need for carrier specific terminals.

This will enable JetBlue Cargo’s expansion strategy and seamlessly facilitate Aeronex Cargo’s multi-carrier operations.

Aeronex Cargo and JetBlue Cargo will also adopt Cargospot Handling, a sophisticated and comprehensive cargo operations and terminal management system that drives the complete cargo handling process.

The software is simple and efficient for ground handlers and terminal operators to use with full messaging capabilities, complete inbound and outbound handling, advanced management reporting tools, and state of the art technology.

By investing in new and efficient cargo management systems, JetBlue Cargo Program can enjoy streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and the competitive benefits of innovation and collaboration.

Patricio Sepulveda, Founder and CEO of Aeronex Cargo said “We were impressed at the sophistication and simplicity of CHAMP’s Cargospot products and have been eager to embrace their continuous development. CHAMP was the logical choice for JetBlue Cargo Program and we look forward to seeing it in action.”

Tomas Moreira Head of Sales & Account Management Americas from CHAMP Cargosystems reported that “This is an exciting partnership, and one that we value deeply. It is our pleasure to provide JetBlue Cargo Program with improved cargo management systems and look forward to their continued success.”

Pictured, left to right: Tomas Moreira, Patricio Sepulveda, David Linford, Christian Rendel.

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