Michigan (USA) all-cargo carrier Kalitta Air has selected CHAMP Cargosystems for the provision of CHAMP’s Weight & Balance solution. Kalitta Air will be the first US airline to benefit from CHAMP’s web-based load planning application across its fleet of 14 and growing B747 freighters.
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Kalitta Air, L.L.C. first US cargo carrier to benefit from CHAMP’s Weight & Balance

Kalitta Air, L.L.C. first US cargo carrier to benefit from CHAMP’s Weight & Balance

Luxembourg, August 2015 – CHAMP Cargosystems announced today that Kalitta Air has become the latest airline to select CHAMP’s next generation Weight & Balance application to manage load planning across its fleet of B747 freighters. As one of the leading all-cargo carriers in the USA, Kalitta Air is focused on compliance, safety, security and service quality.  With the increasingly competitive market place, Kalitta Air regards productivity and cost efficiency as important differentiating factors and continuously strives for optimizing and automating processes with the help of IT. 

”Kalitta Air selected CHAMP’s Weight & Balance as we were confident that the application meets the requirements of our expanding business. We must ensure at all times that aircrafts are loaded in line with weight specifications and restrictions to ensure maximum safety, said Conrad Kalitta, CEO at Kalitta Air.  “This modern, well proven IT solution will enable us to perform our load planning faster and more accurately thanks to its high degree of automation, leading to an overall reduction of time and costs.  Easily being able to optimize the center of gravity will provide additional benefits as well as fuel savings.“

James Fernandez, VP Cargo Services at CHAMP Cargosystems, commented: “We are delighted that Kalitta Air has selected CHAMP’s Weight & Balance solution to manage the load planning for their fleet. Kalitta Air is our launch North American client, further expanding the global functional capability for our Weight & Balance solution. We are working together closely to ensure that we realize the planned benefits and efficiencies.  This further success continues to position CHAMP’s Weight & Balance tool as the web-based application of choice for automated, compliant and cost-effective load planning independent of geography.”|

Innovative Information Technology with convincing benefits CHAMP’s Weight & Balance solution is a new generation java based, modular built application enabling airlines to efficiently and safely plan all aircraft loads, however complex.  The application also helps the user keep the aircraft within permissible center of gravity limits throughout the flight.  CHAMP’s Weight & Balance currently is the most advanced and fastest load planning software in the market, with functionality also encompassing an auto-load option on multiple legs.                    

The software not only ensures compliance with all operational and safety requirements, but also enables comprehensive audit trails and reporting, providing further business intelligence into the fleet’s overall performance.

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