Silk Way West Airlines goes live with CHAMP’s Weight and Balance Program

Luxembourg-Baku, 4 December 2017 – Silk Way West Airlines is the latest airline to go live with CHAMP’s Weight & Balance load planning solution to serve their fleet of Boeing 747 freighters after receiving an Azerbaijan CAA approval. The choice of the Baku-based all-cargo airline to award the contract for Weight & Balance software to CHAMP Cargosystems re-affirms their strong relationship with CHAMP.

Serving more than 50 destinations worldwide, Silk Way West Airlines was searching for a credible IT solution that would allow their staff to perform their load planning faster, with greater accuracy, whilst optimizing the fuel burn of their aircraft.

“We congratulate CHAMP Cargosystems on winning our tender for such a critical IT-product as the automated aircraft load planning solution,” says Emile Khasanshin, Silk Way West Airlines Vice President Global Operations. “We were looking for a product that would let us simplify and streamline aircraft weight and balance work processes, while meeting our operational requirements and load restrictions. Their constant support to our project team and the smooth cutover is a testament to CHAMP’s commitment to their customers.”

“Our ongoing commitment to servicing our customers speaks for itself with Silk Way West Airlines,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at CHAMP Cargosystems. “Weight & Balance is just another of the CHAMP suite of solutions the airline has incorporated into its daily operations. We are delighted to have an ongoing relationship with the airlines devoted to such operational excellence.”

In addition to Weight & Balance, Silk Way West Airlines are using CHAMP’s Traxon Global Customs, Cargospot Airline and Cargospot Revenue applications.

Innovative Information Technology with Proven Benefits

CHAMP’s Weight & Balance is currently the most advanced load planning software in the market, with functionality that encompasses an auto-load option with built-in logic to ensure effective off-loading on multiple flight-leg operations. The solution enables airlines to efficiently and safely plan all freighter aircraft loads, however complex, and helps load masters to keep an aircraft within permissible center of gravity limits throughout the flight.

The software not only ensures compliance with all operational and safety requirements, but also enables comprehensive audit trails and reporting, providing further business intelligence into the fleet’s overall performance.

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