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Swissport is a launch customer for CHAMP's new Cargospot-neo

Swissport is a launch customer for CHAMP's new Cargospot-neo

The new partnership will see Swissport and CHAMP reimagine air cargo together, further elevating visibility, customer centricity and operational performance.

After conducting a competitive market assessment, global ground handling giant Swissport have signed as a launch customer of CHAMP Cargosystems’ next-generation cargo management solution, Cargospot-neo. As a long-time customer of Cargospot for almost 20 years, this marks an exciting transformation for both businesses.

Operating at 286 airports in 44 countries across six continents, Swissport’s cargo handling operations will be supported by CHAMP’s open, intuitive and flexible Cargospot-neo Handling services. The move also includes three new modules that Swissport and CHAMP will co-create together.

Cargospot-neo Handling offers a wide range of automation across the handling processes with in-built Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI), and the most advanced set of mobile applications available, which will allow Swissport to achieve 30% efficiencies in the warehouse.

Being part of CHAMP’s single neo-platform, Swissport will have seamless access to other CHAMP services such as Traxon Global Customs and Traxon Global Security, providing integrated dashboards with actionable analytics that will enable Swissport to respond even more rapidly to unplanned events.

Cargospot-neo Handling is also future-proofed with ONE Record enablement, allowing Swissport to augment its information sharing with CHAMP’s large, interconnected airline community who would be leveraging CHAMP’s 1Neo-Connect Super Node.

Swissport’s transformational journey is further enhanced with the inclusion of three modules: Task Manager, Customer Portal and Mobile Service Point.

  • Task Manager: enables a “steering” process, whereby terminal resources can be directed to perform tasks or execute instructions through mobile devices and other means.
  • Customer Portal: builds on the success of the existing Cargospot Portal, introducing zero-touch processes that are specific to cargo terminal operation.
  • Mobile Service Point: functions as a “virtual kiosk” that provides support for customer zero touch processes typically performed at the cargo terminal, without the cost or space requirements of fixed kiosk terminals.

With shared values of innovation and collaboration, and a commitment to providing high-quality solutions, Swissport and CHAMP are perfectly aligned to launch Cargospot-neo Handling.

Swissport’s global cargo handling operations will benefit from digitalized and future-proofed workflows, standardization of processes, increased collaboration, and a simplified IT landscape with global visibility within a single platform, enabling productivity gains, better operational insights and performance and ultimately, an even better customer experience.

“At Swissport we are driving an ambitious technology acceleration program and are relentlessly committed to innovation and customer-centric solutions to differentiate ourselves from our competitors,” says Dirk Goovaerts, Global Cargo Chair and CEO of Swissport International for the CEMEA region. "While the current data exchange in our air cargo centers relies on messaging, the future holds the potential for dynamic, bi-directional API connections with our customers and partners in the air cargo value chain, marking a significant enhancement in our technological infrastructure.”

Chris McDermott, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems, said “The launch of Cargospot-neo presents tremendous opportunities for air cargo operators like Swissport who are looking to deliver a world-class customer experience and work with cutting-edge technologies. We have enjoyed a fruitful 20-year relationship which has enabled us to collaborate on this launch, and we look forward to many more mutually beneficial years to come.”





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