West Atlantic Sweden goes live with CHAMP Weight & Balance solution

London, 5 February 2019 – The Swedish cargo operator, West Atlantic Sweden, has gone live with CHAMP Cargosystems’ Weight & Balance solution to manage its load planning functions after acquiring a Boeing 767-200SF freighter to be operated out of Cologne, Germany.

Since the need was raised for a stand-alone weight & balance system that included load planning, West Atlantic Sweden turned to CHAMP to meet their urgent need for a new solution. CHAMP’s Weight & Balance system was demonstrated, signed, and delivered within an expedited 4-week period.

“The advantage of CHAMP’s Weight & Balance is that it is very intuitive,” says Magnus Karlsson, Flight Operations Manager at West Atlantic Sweden. “The system’s exceptional user-friendliness meant that the team could be fully operational after only a few hours of training. The switch-over happened without experiencing any issues. We are delighted at the speed at which this project was delivered.”

“CHAMP prides itself as a trusted partner in air cargo - an advisor providing knowledge and expertise,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, VP Commercial & Customer Engagement at CHAMP Cargosystems. “We were thrilled to have supported West Atlantic Sweden at a time of critical need by deploying our CHAMP Weight & Balance solution.”

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