Traxon CDMP

Step by step to process excellence

Helps you exceed Cargo iQ quality standards

Traxon CDMP (Cargo iQ Data Management Portal) is an intelligent and intuitive web-based tool that helps you measure performance and drive process improvements to support Cargo iQ certification.

  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Raises customer satisfaction
  • Connects all participants in the air cargo supply chain
  • Helps deliver ‘flown as planned’ and ‘delivered as promised’ performance


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At a glance

  • Empowering
    Helps airlines and forwarders measure the performance of air cargo processes
  • Flexible
    Can be customized to suit each individual business’s needs
  • Aids revenue growth
    Results in cost savings and better service quality, which lead to fewer claims and improved revenue.

Further benefits of Traxon CDMP

  • Calculates efficient route maps and defined times - by which Cargo iQ milestones need to be met.
  • Handy, immediate alerts - if milestones are not met, to help you take quick corrective action.
  • Pinpoints shipping and messaging failures
  • Monthly reports - give you a comparison of performance against other Cargo iQ members.
  • Easily integrated - can be quickly and simply customized and integrated with your IT system.
  • Improves supply chain visibility
  • Ensures timeliness and accuracy of data
  • Enables real-time recovery to meet service commitments
  • Measures shipper's KPIs

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